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We came from the land of routine—boxes lining the hillside filled of shiny things. One beige morning we danced into the slow—where spontaneity leads, pink skies tell tales of time when the sun rests. We awoke to new culture, new life—songs sung in words that only our hearts know. Our things are called memories now. Our intentions sent to the moon as shooting stars twisting our wild dreams into reality. Our souls don’t stay for long; it was meant to be this way. We roam, we gather, we create; with sparkly eyes—we dance to the beat of slow. 


Sundae; `[suhn-dey,-dee]

Thoughtfully curated and vintage inspired treasures to play in, to dance in—Created and dreamt up amidst travels around the world with our little sunshine babies; made at home in Canada and in our second home, Bali; Gathered from artisans around the world—soft textures, and earthy tones made to last for many moons. For the love of slow; for the love  of art; for the love of mother earth. 


Thank you for supporting our dream from our family to yours xxxx


Sundae <3